A Masthead is Worth a Thousand Words.

I’ve recently established this web presence for my professional profile and consulting business.  Here, you can learn more about my services, my areas of expertise & excellence, my points of view, and me.

Turns out, I found the perfect masthead for the site.  Granted, the image above is part of a free, generic WordPress template.  But serendipitously, it happens to encapsulate key facets of my expertise and consulting offerings.  Fluke?  Fate?  Allow me to test drive it on you …

What do you see in this photo? A curved tunnel.  Lights.  Markers along the road.  An approaching vehicle.

What ideas does it evoke? A sense of speed.  Something hidden around the bend.  A right and wrong direction.  A necessary pathway to a desired destination.

How do these ideas relate to my professional offerings?  I have two distinct areas of expertise:  Marketing and Prediction Markets.

As a strategic marketing professional, I am equipped to help you:

  • Understand where you are going as a brand.
  • Determine your ultimate “destination” from a customer perspective. In other words, whom are you targeting, what are the products and services you are going to offer them, and how will you reach them?
  • Identify who is “coming at you” from a competitive perspective, and how to avoid colliding with them (dilute profit) by differentiating your brand and your value proposition (enhance profit).
  • Develop a strategic roadmap for your products and services, complete with mile markers that keep you on track and on pace with your customers.
  • Fill and manage your product pipeline, releasing a steady and effective stream of innovation into the marketplace.
  • Navigate the ins and outs of traditional and non-traditional media in order to meet your customers where they are.

As a Prediction Markets expert, I bring you cutting-edge tools to:

  • See what’s around the bend in your business.
  • Identify and eliminate blind spots.
  • Shed light on problem areas before they hit you.
  • Enhance your dashboard with unique quantitative and qualitative intelligence.
  • Enable better and faster decisions.

So, did the analogy work? Perhaps it hit the mark, perhaps it veered off course.  But at least it wasn’t a generic, unmemorable, consultant’s website with a run-of-the-mill masthead.  That just wouldn’t be … well, me.

So now we’ve reached that proverbial fork in the road.  Here are your sign posts:

  • To learn more about Dawn T Keller Consulting, click here.
  • To learn more about Dawn, click here.
  • To read my blog on Prediction Markets, click here.
  • To contact me, click here.


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